To install the IDAES PSE framework, follow the set of instructions below that are appropriate for your needs and operating system.

If you get stuck, please contact

The minimal installation only installs IDAES and the free IPOPT solver with MUMPS. The full installation is recommended for access to more advanced solvers. The Docker installation works on any platform that supports Docker, but of course requires installation of, and some understanding of, Docker itself to operate.

Type of installation Operating System Section
Minimal IPOPT/MUMPS Linux Minimal install with IPOPT/MUMPS for Linux
  Windows Minimal install with IPOPT/MUMPS for Windows
  Mac OSX not supported [1]
Full Linux Linux installation
  Windows Windows Installation
  Mac OSX not supported [1]
Docker-based Windows, Linux OSX Installation using Docker
[1](1, 2) For advanced users, Mac OSX installation may be performed with some small changes to the Linux installation instructions.


These installation procedures are only fully tested on Debian-based Linux distributions.