Source code for idaes.property_models.iapws95

# Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems Process Systems
# Engineering Framework (IDAES PSE Framework) Copyright (c) 2018-2019, by the
# software owners: The Regents of the University of California, through
# Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,  National Technology & Engineering
# Solutions of Sandia, LLC, Carnegie Mellon University, West Virginia
# University Research Corporation, et al. All rights reserved.
# Please see the files COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt for full copyright and
# license information, respectively. Both files are also available online
# at the URL "".
"""IDAES IAPWS-95 Steam properties

Dropped all critical enhancments and non-analytic terms ment to imporve accruacy
near the critical point. These tend to cause singularities in the equations, and
it is assumend that we will try to avoid operating very close to the critical

 References: (some of this is only used in the C++ part)
   International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (2016).
       IAPWS R6-95 (2016), "Revised Release on the IAPWS Formulation 1995 for
       the Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General Scientific Use,"
   Wagner, W.,  A. Pruss (2002). "The IAPWS Formulation 1995 for the
       Thermodynamic Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General and
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__author__ = "John Eslick"

# Import Python libraries
import logging
import os
import enum

# Import Pyomo libraries
from pyomo.environ import Constraint, Expression, Param, PositiveReals,\
                          RangeSet, Reals, Set, value, Var, NonNegativeReals,\
                          exp, sqrt, log, tanh, ConcreteModel
from pyomo.environ import ExternalFunction as EF
from pyomo.common.fileutils import this_file_dir
from pyomo.opt import SolverFactory, TerminationCondition
from pyomo.core.kernel.component_set import ComponentSet
from pyomo.common.config import ConfigValue, In

# Import IDAES
from idaes.core import declare_process_block_class, ProcessBlock, \
                       StateBlock, StateBlockData, PhysicalParameterBlock, \
                       MaterialBalanceType, EnergyBalanceType, \
from idaes.core.util.math import smooth_max

# Logger
_log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
_so = os.path.join(this_file_dir(), "iapws95_lib/")

[docs]def iapws95_available(): """Make sure the compiled IAPWS-95 functions are available. Yes, in Windows the .so extention is still used. """ return os.path.isfile(_so)
[docs]class StateVars(enum.Enum): """ State variable set options """ PH = 1 # Pressure-Enthalpy TPX = 2 # Temperature-Pressure-Quality
[docs]class PhaseType(enum.Enum): """ Ways to present phases to the framework """ MIX = 1 # Looks like a single phase called mixed with a vapor fraction LG = 2 # Looks like two phases vapor and liquid L = 3 # Assume only liquid is present G = 4 # Assume only vapor is pressent
[docs]def htpx(T, P=None, x=None): """ Convenience function to calculate steam enthalpy from temperature and either pressure or vapor fraction. This function can be used for inlet streams and initialization where temperature is known instead of enthalpy. Args: T: Temperature [K] P: Pressure [Pa], None if saturated steam x: Vapor fraction [mol vapor/mol total], None if superheated or subcooled Returns: Total molar enthalpy [J/mol]. """ model = ConcreteModel() model.prop_param = Iapws95ParameterBlock() prop = model.prop = Iapws95StateBlock(default={"parameters":model.prop_param}) if x is None: Tsat = 647.096/value(prop.func_tau_sat(P/1000)) if value(T) < Tsat or value(P/1000) > 22064: #liquid return value(prop.func_hlpt(P/1000, 647.096/T)**1000.0) else: #vapor return value(prop.func_hvpt(P/1000, 647.096/T)**1000.0) if P is None: Psat = value(prop.func_p_sat(647.096/T)) return value(prop.func_hlpt(Psat, 647.096/T)**1000.0)*(x-1) +\ value(prop.func_hlpt(Psat, 647.096/T)**1000.0)*x
[docs]@declare_process_block_class("Iapws95ParameterBlock") class Iapws95ParameterBlockData(PhysicalParameterBlock): CONFIG=PhysicalParameterBlock.CONFIG() CONFIG.declare("phase_presentation", ConfigValue( default=PhaseType.MIX, domain=In(PhaseType), description="Set the way phases are presented to models", doc="""Set the way phases are presented to models. The MIX option appears to the framework to be a mixed phase containing liquid and/or vapor. The mixed option can simplify calculations at the unit model level since it can be treated as a single phase, but unit models such as flash vessels will not be able to treate the phases indepedently. The LG option presents as two sperate phases to the framework. The L or G options can be used if it is known for sure that only one phase is present. **default** - PhaseType.MIX **Valid values:** { **PhaseType.MIX** - Present a mixed phase with liquid and/or vapor, **PhaseType.LG** - Present a liquid and vapor phase, **PhaseType.L** - Assume only liquid can be present, **PhaseType.G** - Assume only vapor can be present}""")) CONFIG.declare("state_vars", ConfigValue( default=StateVars.PH, domain=In(StateVars), description="State variable set", doc="""The set of state variables to use. Depending on the use, one state variable set or another may be better computationally. Usually pressure and enthalpy are the best choice because they are well behaved during a phase change. **default** - StateVars.PH **Valid values:** { **StateVars.PH** - Pressure-Enthalpy, **StateVars.TPX** - Temperature-Pressure-Quality}"""))
[docs] def build(self): super(Iapws95ParameterBlockData, self).build() self.state_block_class = Iapws95StateBlock # Location of the *.so or *.dll file for external functions self.plib = _so self.available = os.path.isfile(self.plib) # Phase list self.private_phase_list = Set(initialize=["Vap", "Liq"]) if self.config.phase_presentation == PhaseType.MIX: self.phase_list = Set(initialize=["Mix"]) elif self.config.phase_presentation == PhaseType.LG: self.phase_list = Set(initialize=["Vap", "Liq"]) elif self.config.phase_presentation == PhaseType.L: self.phase_list = Set(initialize=["Liq"]) elif self.config.phase_presentation == PhaseType.G: self.phase_list = Set(initialize=["Vap"]) # State var set self.state_vars = self.config.state_vars # Component list - a list of component identifiers self.component_list = Set(initialize=['H2O']) # List of phase equilibrium self.phase_equilibrium_idx = Set(initialize=[1]) self.phase_equilibrium_list = {1: ["H2O", ("Vap", "Liq")]} # Parameters, these should match what's in the C code self.temperature_crit = Param(initialize=647.096, doc='Critical temperature [K]') self.pressure_crit = Param(initialize=2.2064e7, doc='Critical pressure [Pa]') self.dens_mass_crit = Param(initialize=322, doc='Critical density [kg/m3]') self.gas_const = Param(initialize=8.3144598, doc='Gas Constant [J/mol/K]') = Param(initialize=0.01801528, doc='Molecular weight [kg/mol]') #Thermal conductivity parameters. # "Release on the IAPWS Formulation 2011 for the Thermal Conductivity of # Ordinary Water Substance" self.tc_L0 = Param(RangeSet(0,5), initialize={ 0:2.443221e-3, 1:1.323095e-2, 2:6.770357e-3, 3:-3.454586e-3, 4:4.096266e-4}, doc="0th order themalcondutivity paramters") self.tc_L1 = Param(RangeSet(0,5), RangeSet(0,6), initialize={ (0,0):1.60397357, (1,0):2.33771842, (2,0):2.19650529, (3,0):-1.21051378, (4,0):-2.7203370, (0,1):-0.646013523, (1,1):-2.78843778, (2,1):-4.54580785, (3,1):1.60812989, (4,1):4.57586331, (0,2):0.111443906, (1,2):1.53616167, (2,2):3.55777244, (3,2):-0.621178141, (4,2):-3.18369245, (0,3):0.102997357, (1,3):-0.463045512, (2,3):-1.40944978, (3,3):0.0716373224, (4,3):1.1168348, (0,4):-0.0504123634, (1,4):0.0832827019, (2,4):0.275418278, (3,4):0.0, (4,4):-0.19268305, (0,5):0.00609859258, (1,5):-0.00719201245, (2,5):-0.0205938816, (3,5):0.0, (4,5):0.012913842}, doc="1st order themalcondutivity paramters") #Viscosity paramters #"Release on the IAPWS Formulation 2008 for the Viscosity of # Ordinary Water Substance " self.visc_H0 = Param(RangeSet(0,4), initialize={ 0:1.67752, 1:2.20462, 2:0.6366564, 3:-0.241605}, doc="0th order viscosity parameters") self.visc_H1 = Param(RangeSet(0,6), RangeSet(0,7), initialize={ (0,0):5.20094e-1, (1,0):8.50895e-2, (2,0):-1.08374, (3,0):-2.89555e-1, (4,0):0.0, (5,0):0.0, (0,1):2.22531e-1, (1,1):9.99115e-1, (2,1):1.88797, (3,1):1.26613, (4,1):0.0, (5,1):1.20573e-1, (0,2):-2.81378e-1, (1,2):-9.06851e-1, (2,2):-7.72479e-1, (3,2):-4.89837e-1, (4,2):-2.57040e-1, (5,2):0.0, (0,3):1.61913e-1, (1,3):2.57399e-1, (2,3):0.0, (3,3):0.0, (4,3):0.0, (5,3):0.0, (0,4):-3.25372e-2, (1,4):0.0, (2,4):0.0, (3,4):6.98452e-2, (4,4):0.0, (5,4):0.0, (0,5):0.0, (1,5):0.0, (2,5):0.0, (3,5):0.0, (4,5):8.72102e-3, (5,5):0.0, (0,6):0.0, (1,6):0.0, (2,6):0.0, (3,6):-4.35673e-3, (4,6):0.0, (5,6):-5.93264e-4}, doc="1st order viscosity parameters") self.smoothing_pressure_over = Param(mutable=True, initialize=1e-4, doc='Smooth max parameter (pressure over)') self.smoothing_pressure_under = Param(mutable=True, initialize=1e-4, doc='Smooth max parameter (pressure under)')
[docs] @classmethod def define_metadata(cls, obj): obj.add_properties({ 'temperature_crit': {'method': None, 'units': 'K'}, 'pressure_crit': {'method': None, 'units': 'Pa'}, 'dens_mass_crit': {'method': None, 'units': 'kg/m^3'}, 'gas_const': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'mw': {'method': None, 'units': 'kg/mol'}, 'temperature_sat': {'method': 'None', 'units': 'K'}, 'flow_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'mol/s'}, 'flow_mass': {'method': None, 'units': 'kg/s'}, 'temperature': {'method': None, 'units': 'K'}, 'pressure': {'method': None, 'units': 'Pa'}, 'vapor_frac': {'method': None, 'units': None}, 'dens_mass_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'kg/m^3'}, 'temperature_red': {'method': None, 'units': None}, 'pressure_sat': {'method': None, 'units': 'kPa'}, 'energy_internal_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol'}, 'enth_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol'}, 'entr_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'cp_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'cv_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'speed_sound_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'm/s'}, 'dens_mol_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'mol/m^3'}, 'therm_cond_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'W/m.K'}, 'visc_d_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'Pa.s'}, 'visc_k_phase': {'method': None, 'units': 'm^2/s'}, 'phase_frac': {'method': None, 'units': None}, 'flow_mol_comp': {'method': None, 'units': 'mol/s'}, 'energy_internal_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol'}, 'enth_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol'}, 'entr_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'cp_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'cv_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'J/mol.K'}, 'heat_capacity_ratio': {'method': None, 'units': None}, 'dens_mass': {'method': None, 'units': 'kg/m^3'}, 'dens_mol': {'method': None, 'units': 'mol/m^3'}, 'dh_vap_mol':{'method':None, 'units': 'J/mol'}}) obj.add_default_units({ 'time': 's', 'length': 'm', 'mass': 'kg', 'amount': 'mol', 'temperature': 'K', 'energy': 'J', 'holdup': 'mol'})
class _StateBlock(StateBlock): """ This class contains methods which should be applied to Property Blocks as a whole, rather than individual elements of indexed Property Blocks. """ @staticmethod def _set_fixed(v, f): if f: v.fix() else: v.unfix() def initialize(self, *args, **kwargs): flags = {} hold_state = kwargs.pop("hold_state", False) for i, v in self.items(): pp = self[i].config.parameters.config.phase_presentation if self[i].state_vars == StateVars.PH: # hold the P-H vars flags[i] = (v.flow_mol.fixed, v.enth_mol.fixed, v.pressure.fixed) if hold_state: v.flow_mol.fix() v.enth_mol.fix() v.pressure.fix() elif self[i].state_vars == StateVars.TPX: # Hold the T-P-x vars if pp in (PhaseType.MIX, PhaseType.LG): flags[i] = (v.flow_mol.fixed, v.temperature.fixed, v.pressure.fixed, v.vapor_frac.fixed) if hold_state: v.flow_mol.fix() v.temperature.fix() v.pressure.fix() v.vapor_frac.fix() else: flags[i] = (v.flow_mol.fixed, v.temperature.fixed, v.pressure.fixed) if hold_state: v.flow_mol.fix() v.temperature.fix() v.pressure.fix() # Call initialize on each data element for i in self: self[i].initialize(*args, **kwargs) return flags def release_state(self, flags, **kwargs): for i, f in flags.items(): pp = self[i].config.parameters.config.phase_presentation if self[i].state_vars == StateVars.PH: self._set_fixed(self[i].flow_mol, f[0]) self._set_fixed(self[i].enth_mol, f[1]) self._set_fixed(self[i].pressure, f[2]) elif self[i].state_vars == StateVars.TPX: self._set_fixed(self[i].flow_mol, f[0]) self._set_fixed(self[i].temperature, f[1]) self._set_fixed(self[i].pressure, f[2]) if pp in (PhaseType.MIX, PhaseType.LG): self._set_fixed(self[i].vapor_frac, f[3])
[docs]@declare_process_block_class("Iapws95StateBlock", block_class=_StateBlock, doc="""This is some placeholder doc. """) class Iapws95StateBlockData(StateBlockData): """ This is a property package for calculating thermophysical properties of water """ def initialize(self, *args, **kwargs): # With this particualr property pacakage there is not need for # initialization pass def _state_vars(self): """ Create the state variables """ self.flow_mol = Var(initialize=1, domain=NonNegativeReals, doc="Total flow [mol/s]") self.flow_mol.latex_symbol = "F" if self.state_vars == StateVars.PH: self.pressure = Var(domain=PositiveReals, initialize=1e5, doc="Pressure [Pa]", bounds=(1, 1e9)) self.pressure.latex_symbol = "P" self.enth_mol = Var(initialize=1000, doc="Total molar enthalpy (J/mol)", bounds=(1,1e5)) self.enth_mol.latex_symbol = "h" # For variables that show up in ports specify extensive and intensive self.extensive_set = ComponentSet((self.flow_mol,)) self.intensive_set = ComponentSet((self.enth_mol, self.pressure)) elif self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX: self.temperature = Var(initialize=300, doc="Temperature [K]", bounds=(200,3e3)) self.temperature.latex_symbol = "T" self.pressure = Var(domain=PositiveReals, initialize=1e5, doc="Pressure [Pa]", bounds=(1, 1e9)) self.pressure.latex_symbol = "P" self.vapor_frac = Var(initialize=0.0, doc="Vapor fraction [none]") self.vapor_frac.latex_symbol = "x" # For variables that show up in ports specify extensive and intensive self.extensive_set = ComponentSet((self.flow_mol,)) self.intensive_set = ComponentSet((self.temperature, self.pressure, self.vapor_frac)) def _tpx_phase_eq(self): # Saturation pressure eps_pu = self.config.parameters.smoothing_pressure_under eps_po = self.config.parameters.smoothing_pressure_over priv_plist = self.config.parameters.private_phase_list plist = self.config.parameters.phase_list rhoc = self.config.parameters.dens_mass_crit P = self.pressure/1000 # expression for pressure in kPa Psat = self.pressure_sat/1000.0 # expression for Psat in kPA vf = self.vapor_frac tau = self.tau # Terms for determining if you are above, below, or at the Psat self.P_under_sat = Expression(expr=smooth_max(0, Psat - P, eps_pu), doc="pressure above Psat, 0 if liqid exists [kPa]") self.P_over_sat = Expression(expr=smooth_max(0, P - Psat, eps_po), doc="pressure below Psat, 0 if vapor exists [kPa]") # Calculate liquid and vapor density. If the phase doesn't exist, # density will be calculated at the saturation or critical pressure def rule_dens_mass(b,i): if i=="Liq": return rhoc*self.func_delta_liq(P + self.P_under_sat, tau) else: return rhoc*self.func_delta_vap(P - self.P_over_sat, tau) self.dens_mass_phase = Expression(priv_plist, rule=rule_dens_mass) # Reduced Density (no _mass_ identifier because mass or mol is same) def rule_dens_red(b, p): return self.dens_mass_phase[p]/rhoc self.dens_phase_red = Expression(priv_plist, rule=rule_dens_red, doc="reduced density [unitless]") delta = self.dens_phase_red # If there is only one phase fix the vapor fraction appropriatly if len(plist) == 1: if "Vap" in plist: self.vapor_frac.fix(1.0) else: self.vapor_frac.fix(0.0) elif not self.config.defined_state: self.eq_complementarity = Constraint( expr=0 == (vf*self.P_over_sat - (1 - vf)*self.P_under_sat)) # eq_sat can activated to force the pressure to be the saturation # pressure, if you use this constraint deactivate eq_complementarity self.eq_sat = Constraint(expr=P/1000.0 == Psat/1000.0) self.eq_sat.deactivate()
[docs] def build(self, *args): """ Callable method for Block construction """ super(Iapws95StateBlockData, self).build(*args) self.state_vars = self.config.parameters.state_vars # parameter aliases for convienient use later component_list = self.config.parameters.component_list phase_list = self.config.parameters.phase_list phlist = self.config.parameters.private_phase_list Tc = self.config.parameters.temperature_crit Pc = self.config.parameters.pressure_crit rhoc = self.config.parameters.dens_mass_crit gas_const = self.config.parameters.gas_const phase_set = self.config.parameters.config.phase_presentation #self.phase_equilibrium_idx = Set(initialize=[1]) self.phase_equilibrium_list = {1: ["H2O", ("Vap", "Liq")]} mixed_phase = self.config.parameters.config.phase_presentation == \ PhaseType.MIX # Set if the IAPWS library is available. self.available = self.config.parameters.available if not self.available: _log.error("IAPWS library file not found. Was it compiled?") self._state_vars() # create the appropriate state variables # External Functions (some of these are included only for testing) plib = self.config.parameters.plib self.func_p = EF(library=plib, function="p") self.func_u = EF(library=plib, function="u") self.func_s = EF(library=plib, function="s") self.func_h = EF(library=plib, function="h") self.func_hvpt = EF(library=plib, function="hvpt") self.func_hlpt = EF(library=plib, function="hlpt") self.func_tau = EF(library=plib, function="tau") self.func_vf = EF(library=plib, function="vf") self.func_g = EF(library=plib, function="g") self.func_f = EF(library=plib, function="f") self.func_cv = EF(library=plib, function="cv") self.func_cp = EF(library=plib, function="cp") self.func_w = EF(library=plib, function="w") self.func_delta_liq = EF(library=plib, function="delta_liq") self.func_delta_vap = EF(library=plib, function="delta_vap") self.func_delta_sat_l = EF(library=plib, function="delta_sat_l") self.func_delta_sat_v = EF(library=plib, function="delta_sat_v") self.func_p_sat = EF(library=plib, function="p_sat") self.func_tau_sat = EF(library=plib, function="tau_sat") self.func_phi0 = EF(library=plib, function="phi0") self.func_phi0_delta = EF(library=plib, function="phi0_delta") self.func_phi0_delta2 = EF(library=plib, function="phi0_delta2") self.func_phi0_tau = EF(library=plib, function="phi0_tau") self.func_phi0_tau2 = EF(library=plib, function="phi0_tau2") self.func_phir = EF(library=plib, function="phir") self.func_phir_delta = EF(library=plib, function="phir_delta") self.func_phir_delta2 = EF(library=plib, function="phir_delta2") self.func_phir_tau = EF(library=plib, function="phir_tau") self.func_phir_tau2 = EF(library=plib, function="phir_tau2") self.func_phir_delta_tau = EF(library=plib, function="phir_delta_tau") # Calculations # molecular weight = Expression(, doc="molecular weight [kg/mol]") mw = mw.latex_symbol = "M" P = self.pressure/1000.0 # Pressure expr [kPA] (for external func) if self.state_vars == StateVars.PH: # if the state vars are P and H create expressions for T and x h_mass = self.enth_mol/mw/1000 #enthalpy expr [kJ/kg] self.temperature = Expression( expr=Tc/self.func_tau(h_mass, P), doc="Temperature (K)") self.temperature.latex_symbol = "T" if phase_set == PhaseType.MIX or phase_set == PhaseType.LG: self.vapor_frac = Expression( expr=self.func_vf(h_mass, P), doc="Vapor mole fraction (mol vapor/mol total)") elif phase_set == PhaseType.L: self.vapor_frac = Expression( expr=0.0, doc="Vapor mole fraction (mol vapor/mol total)") elif phase_set == PhaseType.G: self.vapor_frac = Expression( expr=1.0, doc="Vapor mole fraction (mol vapor/mol total)") self.vapor_frac.latex_symbol = "x" elif self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX: # Need to get enthalpy expressions in here pass # Convenient shorter names and expressions T = self.temperature vf = self.vapor_frac # Saturation temperature expression self.temperature_sat = Expression(expr=Tc/self.func_tau_sat(P), doc="Stauration temperature (K)") self.temperature_sat.latex_symbol = "T_{sat}" # Saturation tau (tau = Tc/T) self.tau_sat = Expression(expr=self.func_tau_sat(P)) # Reduced temperature self.temperature_red = Expression(expr=T/Tc, doc="reduced temperature T/Tc (unitless)") self.temperature_red.latex_symbol = "T_r" self.tau = Expression(expr=Tc/T, doc="Tc/T (unitless)") tau = self.tau self.tau.latex_symbol = "\\tau" # Saturation pressure self.pressure_sat = Expression(expr=1000*self.func_p_sat(tau), doc="Saturation pressure (Pa)") self.pressure_sat.latex_symbol = "P_{sat}" Psat = self.pressure_sat/1000.0 # expression for Psat in kPA if self.state_vars == StateVars.PH: # If TPx state vars the expressions are given in _tpx_phase_eq # Calculate liquid and vapor density. If the phase doesn't exist, # density will be calculated at the saturation or critical pressure # depending on whether the temperature is above the critical temperature # supercritical fluid is considered to be the liquid phase def rule_dens_mass(b, i): if i=="Liq": return rhoc*self.func_delta_liq(P, tau) else: return rhoc*self.func_delta_vap(P, tau) self.dens_mass_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_dens_mass, doc="Mass density by phase (kg/m3)") self.dens_mass_phase.latex_symbol = "\\rho" # Reduced Density (no _mass_ identifier because mass or mol is same) def rule_dens_red(b, p): return self.dens_mass_phase[p]/rhoc self.dens_phase_red = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_dens_red, doc="reduced density (unitless)") elif self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX: self._tpx_phase_eq() delta = self.dens_phase_red # this shorter name is from IAPWS self.dens_phase_red.latex_symbol = "\\delta" # Phase property expressions all converted to SI # Saturated Enthalpy def rule_enth_mol_sat_phase(b, p): if p == "Liq": return 1000*mw*self.func_hlpt(P, self.tau_sat) elif p == "Vap": return 1000*mw*self.func_hvpt(P, self.tau_sat) self.enth_mol_sat_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_enth_mol_sat_phase, doc="Saturated enthalpy of the phases at pressure (J/mol)") self.dh_vap_mol = Expression( expr=self.enth_mol_sat_phase["Vap"] - self.enth_mol_sat_phase["Liq"], doc="Enthaply of vaporization at pressure and saturation (J/mol)") # Phase Internal Energy def rule_energy_internal_mol_phase(b, p): return 1000*mw*self.func_u(delta[p], tau) self.energy_internal_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_energy_internal_mol_phase, doc= "Phase internal energy or saturated if phase doesn't exist [J/mol]") # Phase Enthalpy def rule_enth_mol_phase(b, p): return 1000*mw*self.func_h(delta[p], tau) self.enth_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_enth_mol_phase, doc="Phase enthalpy or saturated if phase doesn't exist [J/mol]") # Phase Entropy def rule_entr_mol_phase(b, p): return 1000*mw*self.func_s(delta[p], tau) self.entr_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_entr_mol_phase, doc="Phase entropy or saturated if phase doesn't exist [J/mol/K]") # Phase constant pressure heat capacity, cp def rule_cp_mol_phase(b, p): return 1000*mw*self.func_cp(delta[p], tau) self.cp_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_cp_mol_phase, doc="Phase cp or saturated if phase doesn't exist [J/mol/K]") # Phase constant pressure heat capacity, cv def rule_cv_mol_phase(b, p): return 1000*mw*self.func_cv(delta[p], tau) self.cv_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_cv_mol_phase, doc="Phase cv or saturated if phase doesn't exist [J/mol/K]") # Phase speed of sound def rule_speed_sound_phase(b, p): return self.func_w(delta[p], tau) self.speed_sound_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_speed_sound_phase, doc="Phase speed of sound or saturated if phase doesn't exist [m/s]") # Phase Mole density def rule_dens_mol_phase(b, p): return self.dens_mass_phase[p]/mw self.dens_mol_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_dens_mol_phase, doc="Phase mole density or saturated if phase doesn't exist [mol/m3]") # Phase Thermal conductiviy def rule_tc(b, p): L0 = self.config.parameters.tc_L0 L1 = self.config.parameters.tc_L1 return 1e-3*sqrt(1.0/tau)/sum(L0[i]*tau**i for i in L0)*\ exp(delta[p]*sum((tau - 1)**i*sum(L1[i,j]*(delta[p] - 1)**j\ for j in range(0,6)) for i in range(0,5))) self.therm_cond_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_tc, doc="Thermal conductivity [W/K/m]") # Phase dynamic viscosity def rule_mu(b, p): H0 = self.config.parameters.visc_H0 H1 = self.config.parameters.visc_H1 return 1e-4*sqrt(1.0/tau)/sum(H0[i]*tau**i for i in H0)*\ exp(delta[p]*sum((tau - 1)**i*sum(H1[i,j]*(delta[p] - 1)**j\ for j in range(0,7)) for i in range(0,6))) self.visc_d_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_mu, doc="Viscosity (dynamic) [Pa*s]") # Phase kinimatic viscosity def rule_nu(b, p): return self.visc_d_phase[p]/self.dens_mass_phase[p] self.visc_k_phase = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_nu, doc="Kinematic viscosity [m^2/s]") #Phase fraction def rule_phase_frac(b, p): if p == "Vap": return vf elif p == "Liq": return 1.0 - vf self.phase_frac = Expression(phlist, rule=rule_phase_frac, doc="Phase fraction [unitless]") # Component flow (for units that need it) def component_flow(b, i): return self.flow_mol self.flow_mol_comp = Expression(component_list, rule=component_flow, doc="Total flow (both phases) of component [mol/s]") # Total (mixed phase) properties #Enthalpy if self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX: self.enth_mol = Expression(expr= sum(self.phase_frac[p]*self.enth_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) self.enth_mol.latex_symbol = "h" #Internal Energy self.energy_internal_mol = Expression(expr= sum(self.phase_frac[p]*self.energy_internal_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) self.energy_internal_mol.latex_symbol = "u" #Entropy self.entr_mol = Expression(expr= sum(self.phase_frac[p]*self.entr_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) self.entr_mol.latex_symbol = "s" #cp self.cp_mol = Expression(expr= sum(self.phase_frac[p]*self.cp_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) self.cp_mol.latex_symbol = "c_p" #cv self.cv_mol = Expression(expr= sum(self.phase_frac[p]*self.cv_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) self.cv_mol.latex_symbol = "c_v" #mass density self.dens_mass = Expression(expr= 1.0/sum(self.phase_frac[p]*1.0/self.dens_mass_phase[p] for p in phlist)) #mole density self.dens_mol = Expression(expr= 1.0/sum(self.phase_frac[p]*1.0/self.dens_mol_phase[p] for p in phlist)) #heat capacity ratio self.heat_capacity_ratio = Expression(expr=self.cp_mol/self.cv_mol) #Flows self.flow_vol = Expression(expr=self.flow_mol/self.dens_mol, doc="Total liquid + vapor volumetric flow (m3/s)") self.flow_mass = Expression(*self.flow_mol, doc="mass flow rate [kg/s]") self.enth_mass = Expression(expr = self.enth_mol/mw, doc="Mass enthalpy (J/kg)") # Set the state vars dictionary if self.state_vars == StateVars.PH: self._state_vars_dict = { "flow_mol": self.flow_mol, "enth_mol": self.enth_mol, "pressure": self.pressure} elif self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX and \ phase_set in (PhaseType.MIX, PhaseType.LG): self._state_vars_dict = { "flow_mol": self.flow_mol, "temperature": self.temperature, "pressure": self.pressure, "vapor_frac": self.vapor_frac} elif self.state_vars == StateVars.TPX and \ phase_set in (PhaseType.G, PhaseType.L): self._state_vars_dict = { "flow_mol": self.flow_mol, "temperature": self.temperature, "pressure": self.pressure}
[docs] def get_material_flow_terms(self, p, j): if p == "Mix": return self.flow_mol else: return self.flow_mol*self.phase_frac[p]
[docs] def get_enthalpy_flow_terms(self, p): if p == "Mix": return self.enth_mol*self.flow_mol else: return self.enth_mol_phase[p]*self.phase_frac[p]*self.flow_mol
[docs] def get_material_density_terms(self, p, j): if p == "Mix": return self.dens_mol else: return self.dens_mol_phase[p]
[docs] def get_energy_density_terms(self, p): if p == "Mix": return self.dens_mol*self.energy_internal_mol else: return self.dens_mol_phase[p]*self.energy_internal_mol_phase[p]
def default_material_balance_type(self): return MaterialBalanceType.componentTotal def default_energy_balance_type(self): return EnergyBalanceType.enthalpyTotal
[docs] def define_state_vars(self): return self._state_vars_dict
[docs] def define_display_vars(self): return { "Molar Flow (mol/s)": self.flow_mol, "Mass Flow (kg/s)": self.flow_mass, "T (K)": self.temperature, "P (Pa)": self.pressure, "Vapor Fraction": self.vapor_frac, "Molar Enthalpy (J/mol)": self.enth_mol_phase}
def extensive_state_vars(self): return self.extensive_set def intensive_state_vars(self): return self.intensive_set def model_check(self): pass