Initialization Methods

The IDAES toolset contains a number of utility functions to assist users with initializing models.

Available Methods

This module contains utility functions for initialization of IDAES models.

idaes.core.util.initialization.propagate_state(stream, direction='forward')[source]

This method propagates values between Ports along Arcs. Values can be propagated in either direction using the direction argument.

  • stream – Arc object along which to propagate values
  • direction – direction in which to propagate values. Default = ‘forward’ Valid value: ‘forward’, ‘backward’.


idaes.core.util.initialization.solve_indexed_blocks(solver, blocks, **kwds)[source]

This method allows for solving of Indexed Block components as if they were a single Block. A temporary Block object is created which is populated with the contents of the objects in the blocks argument and then solved.

  • solver – a Pyomo solver object to use when solving the Indexed Block
  • blocks – an object which inherits from Block, or a list of Blocks
  • kwds – a dict of argumnets to be passed to the solver

A Pyomo solver results object