To install the IDAES PSE framework, follow the set of instructions below that are appropriate for your needs and operating system. If you get stuck, please contact

The Docker installation works on any platform that supports Docker, but of course requires installation of, and some understanding of, Docker itself to operate.

The OS specific instructions provide information about installing Miniconda. If you already have a Python installation you prefer, you can skip to the generic install procedure.

System Section
Linux Linux
Windows Windows
Generic Generic install
Docker-based Installation using Docker


Install Miniconda

  1. Download:
  2. Install anaconda from the downloaded file in (1).
  3. Open the Anaconda powershell (Start -> “Anaconda Powershell Prompt”).
  4. In the Anaconda Powershell, follow the Generic install instructions.


Install Miniconda

  1. Download:

  2. Open a terminal window

  3. Run the script you downloaded in (1).

  4. Follow the Generic install instructions.

  5. The IPOPT solver depends on the GNU FORTRAN libraries, which are not bundled with it. Unless you know that these are already installed on your system, you should manually install them using “apt-get”, “yum” or other appropriate package manager.

    apt-get (Debian or Ubuntu based distributions):

    apt-get install libgfortran3

    yum (RedHat based distributions):

    yum install libgfortran


Install Miniconda

  1. Download:
  2. For the next steps, open a terminal window
  3. Run the script you downloaded in (1).
  4. Follow the Generic install instructions.

Generic install

Once you have Conda installed, the remaining steps, performed in either the Anaconda Powershell (Prompt) or a Linux terminal, are the same.

If you are familiar with Python/Conda environments, you will probably want to create a new environment for your IDAES installation before starting to install Python and/or Conda packages, e.g., conda create -n <env> python=3.7 then conda activate <env>. If you are not familiar with these commands, don’t worry, this is an optional step.

Install IDAES

  1. Install IDAES with pip:

    pip install idaes-pse
  2. Run the idaes command to install the compiled binaries:

    idaes get-extensions


    The IDAES binary extensions are not yet supported on Mac/OSX

  3. Run tests on unit models:

    pytest --pyargs idaes -W ignore
  4. You should see the tests run and all should pass to ensure the installation worked. You may see some “Error” level log messages, but they are okay, and produced by tests for error handling. The number of failed and succeed test is reported at the end of the pytest output. You can report problems on the Github issues page (Please try to be specific about the command and the offending output.)