idaes.examples.power_generation.supercritical_steam_cycle package


idaes.examples.power_generation.supercritical_steam_cycle.supercritical_steam_cycle module

This is an example supercritical pulverized coal (SCPC) power plant steam cycle model. This model doesn’t represent any specific power plant, but it represents what could be considered a typical SCPC plant, producing around 620 MW gross. This model is for demonstration and tutorial purposes only. Before looking at the model, it may be useful to look at the process flow diagram (PFD).


Create the flowsheet and add unit models. Fixing model inputs is done in a separate function to try to keep this fairly clean and easy to follow.

Returns:(ConcreteModel) Steam cycle model
idaes.examples.power_generation.supercritical_steam_cycle.supercritical_steam_cycle.initialize(m, fileinput=None, outlvl=3)[source]

Initialize a mode from create_model(), set model inputs before initializing.

  • m (ConcreteModel) – A Pyomo model from create_model()
  • fileinput (str|None) – File to load initialized model state from. If a file is supplied skip initialization routine. If None, initialize.

A Pyomo solver object, that can be used to solve the model.

Return type:


idaes.examples.power_generation.supercritical_steam_cycle.supercritical_steam_cycle.main(initialize_from_file=None, store_initialization=None)[source]

Create and initalize a model and solver

Returns:A tuple of a model and solver
idaes.examples.power_generation.supercritical_steam_cycle.supercritical_steam_cycle.pfd_result(m, df, svg)[source]

Insert model results into the PFD and return a new SVG string, which can be displayed, further edited, or saved to a file.

  • m (ConcreteModel) – A steam cycle model
  • df (Pandas DataFrame) – Stream table
  • svg (FILE*, str, bytes) – Origianl svg svg as either a file-like object, a string, or a byte array.

SVG content.

Return type:



Fix some variables and set values. Generally get the model ready to run in simulation mode (0 degrees of freedom).

Parameters:m (ConcreteModel) – A Pyomo model from create_model()