Github Repository Overview

This section describes the layout of the Github repositories. Later sections will give guidelines for contributing code to these repositories.


Repository name Public? Description
idaes-pse Yes Main public repository, including core framework and integrated tools
idaes-dev No Main private repository, where code is contributed before being “mirrored” to the public ideas-pse repository
workspace No Repository for code that does not belong to any particular CRADA or NDA, but also is never intended to be released open-source

The URL for an IDAES repository, e.g. “some-repo”, will be

Public vs. Private

All these repositories except for “idaes-pse” will only be visible on Github, on the web, for people who have been added to the IDAES developer team in the IDAES “organization” (See About Github organizations). If you are a member of the IDAES team and not in the IDAES Github organization, please contact one of the core developers. The idaes-pse repository will be visible to anyone, even people without a Github account.