Modeling ExtensionsΒΆ

The IDAES platform includes several modeling extensions that provide additional capabilities including surrogate modeling, material design, and control. A brief description of each is provided below.


ALAMOPY provides a wrapper for the software ALAMO which generates algebraic surrogate models of black-box systems for which a simulator or experimental setup is available.

RIPE: Reaction Identification and Parameter Estimation

RIPE provides tools for reaction network identification. RIPE uses reactor data consisting of concentration, or conversion, values for multiple species that are obtained dynamically, or at multiple process conditions (temperatures, flow rates, working volumes) to identify probable reaction kinetics. The RIPE module also contains tools to facilitate adaptive experimental design.

HELMET: HELMholtz Energy Thermodynamics

HELMET provides a framework for regressing multiparameter equations of state that identify an equation for Helmholtz energy and multiple thermodynamic properties simultaneously.

PySMO: Python-based Surrogate Modelling Objects

PySMO provides tools for generating different types of reduced order models. It provides IDAES users with a set of surrogate modeling tools which supports flowsheeting and direct integration into an equation-oriented modeling framework. It allows users to directly integrate reduced order models with algebraic high-fidelity process models within an single IDAES flowsheet.


MatOpt: Nanomaterials Optimization

MatOpt provides tools for nanomaterials design using Mathematical Optimization. MatOpt can be used to design crystalline nanostructured materials, including but not limited to particles, wires, surfaces, and periodic bulk structures.



Caprese is a module for the simulation of IDAES flowsheets with nonlinear program (NLP)-based control and estimation strategies, namely Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) and Moving Horizon Estimation (MHE).


Uncertainty Propagation Toolbox

uncertainty_propagation is a module for quantifying and propagating parametric uncertainty through an optimization or simulation problem based on an IDAES model.

Degeneracy Hunter

Degeneracy Hunter is coming soon!