idaes get-extensions: Get solvers and libraries

idaes get-extensions: Get solvers and libraries#

This page lists the options for the idaes “get-extensions” subcommand. This is invoked like:

idaes [general options] get-extensions [subcommand options]

general options#

The following general options from the idaes base command affect the get-extensions subcommand. They should be placed before the “get-extensions” subcommand, on the command-line.

  • -v/–verbose

  • -q/–quiet

See idaes command for details.

idaes get-extensions#

This subcommand gets the compiled solvers and libraries from a remote repository, and installs them locally.



Show the help message and exit.


Display the license info for the currently installed extensions, doesn’t install anything.

--release <release number e.g. 2.4.4>#

Specify an official binary release version number to download. If this is not specified the default release will be used.

--url <url>#

URL from which to download the solvers/libraries. If this is not provided the URL of the default release will be used.


Don’t verify download location

--cacert <ca>#

Specify certificate file to verify download location


Don’t verify the file checksum


Only install shared physical property function libraries, and any specified extras not solvers.


Don’t download anything, but report what would be done


Just show the version information if any for the currently installed solvers and libraries.


Just show the platform options


Just show list of binary extras

--extra <extra>#

Add an extra binary package to the things to install. You can specify the extra option multiple times for multiple extras.

--to <path>#

Put extensions in a alternate location. This can be used to just download and extract the binaries. It lets you download the files without putting them in IDAES’s bin directory.


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