Initialize From Data

Initialize From Data#

This Initializer is intended to initialize a model from a user defined data source. This data source may take the form of a pre-saved json file or a user provided dict-like data structure. This Initializer loads variable values from the data provided and checks that the resulting values satisfy all constraints in the model.


When initializing from a json format, only the values of unfixed variables will be loaded. Any other information stored in the json format (e.g., whether a variable is fixed or any information regarding constraints) will be ignored.

FromDataInitializer Class#

class idaes.core.initialization.initialize_from_data.FromDataInitializer(**kwargs)[source]#

This is a general purpose Initializer object which attempts to initialize a model from user provided data.

Data can be provided in either json format or as a dict-like structure. The loaded solution is then checked to ensure that it satisfies all constraints in the model.


Tolerance for checking constraint convergence


Set output level for logging messages

initialize(model, initial_guesses=None, json_file=None, output_level=None, exclude_unused_vars=False)#

Execute full initialization routine.

  • model (Block) – Pyomo model to be initialized.

  • initial_guesses (dict) – dict of initial guesses to load.

  • json_file (str) – file name of json file to load initial guesses from as str.

  • output_level – (optional) output level to use during initialization run (overrides global setting).

  • exclude_unused_vars (bool) – whether to ignore unused variables when doing post-initialization checks.

Note - can only provide one of initial_guesses or json_file.


InitializationStatus Enum

  • model (Block) –

  • initial_guesses (dict) –

  • json_file (str) –

  • exclude_unused_vars (bool) –


Check for satisfied degrees of freedom before running initialization.


model (Block) – Pyomo Block to fix states on.




InitializationError if Degrees of Freedom do not equal 0.