The purpose of this section of the documentation is to provide a general introduction to the top level components of the IDAES Integrated Platform. Each component is described in greater detail with a link in their description.


IDAES is based on Python-based algebraic modeling language, Pyomo. The documentation for its components (i.e. sets, parameters, variables, objectives, constraints, expressions, and suffixes) are provided in the Pyomo documentation.


Flowsheet models are the top level of the modeling hierarchy. Flowsheet models represent traditional process flowsheets, containing a number of unit models connected together into a flow network and the property packages.

Property Package

Property packages are a collection of related models that represent the physical, thermodynamic, and reactive properties of the process streams.

Unit Model

Unit models represent individual pieces of equipment and their processes.

Data Management Framework

The Data Management Framework is used to manage data needed by the platform. It stores metadata and data in persistent storage.