Tutorials and Examples

In addition to the short examples in the How-to section, longer examples and tutorials are available on a separate set of pages at examples online documentation page. If you are new to IDAES, it is strongly recommended to start with the tutorials. There are also pre-recorded tutorial videos on the IDAES page on YouTube.

Running locally

To run and use the examples on your own computer, once you have installed IDAES, you should run idaes get-examples in a command-line shell. Please see this page for details on how to use this program.

Once you have installed the examples, change the directory where you downloaded them and run the following command1

jupyter notebook notebook_index.ipynb

This will open a descriptive Jupyter Notebook with links that allow you to open and run any of the other tutorial and example notebooks. Happy modeling!

1 If you have installed JupyterLab, you can use it by simply substituting “jupyter lab” for “jupyter notebook” in the given command.

Additional information

The sources for the tutorials and examples are maintained on the IDAES examples repository.

If you want to develop custom unit and property models, please refer to the custom model development guide.