Command-line interface

Command-line interface#

The IDAES PSE Toolkit includes a command-line tool that can be invoked by typing idaes in a UNIX or Mac OSX shell, or Windows Powershell, that is in an installed IDAES environment. Generally, the idaes command is available where you install IDAES.

This section of the documentation describes the capabilities of this command-line program.

idaes command#

The base idaes command does not do anything by itself, besides set some shared configuration values. All the real work is done by one of the subcommands, each of which is described on a separate page below.

shared configuration#


See a list of subcommands and options, or get help for a specific subcommand.


Increase verbosity. Show warnings if given once, then info, and then debugging messages.


Increase quietness. If given once, only show critical messages. If given twice, show no messages.