Reaction Block

Reaction Block#

ReactionBlocks are used within IDAES UnitModels (generally within ControlVolumeBlocks) in order to calculate reaction properties given the state of the material (provided by an associated StateBlock). ReactionBlocks are notably different to other types of Blocks within IDAES as they are always indexed by time (and possibly space as well), and are also not fully self contained (in that they depend upon the associated state block for certain variables). ReactionBlocks are composed of two parts:

  • ReactionBlockDataBase forms the base class for all ReactionBlockData objects, which contain the instructions on how to construct each instance of a Reaction Block.

  • ReactionBlockBase is used for building classes which contain methods to be applied to sets of Indexed Reaction Blocks (or to a subset of these). See the documentation on declare_process_block_class and the IDAES tutorials and examples for more information.

ReactionBlocks can be constructed directly from the associated ReactionParameterBlock by calling the build_reaction_block() method on the ReactionParameterBlock. The parameters construction argument will be automatically set, and any other arguments (including indexing sets) may be provided to the build_reaction_block method as usual.

Additional details on ReactionBlocks are located in the technical specifications.