Installing Specific IDAES Versions#

This guide walks users through installing a version of IDAES other than the current stable release.


The IDAES binary extensions are not yet supported on Mac/OSX.

By installing IDAES outside of a conda environment, you will not be able to install the open source ipopt solver.

We recommend using Conda to manage your environment & modules.

Setting up Conda Environment#

Creating a New Environment#

We strongly recommend using a separate environment for your versioned installation of IDAES.

# Create a new Conda environment (Here named my-versioned-idaes-env, but this is up to you)
conda create --yes --name my-versioned-idaes-env python=3.10
conda activate my-versioned-idaes-env

Updating an Existing Install#

While we recommend creating a fresh environment for your versioned install, but if you’ve already installed IDAES using the Getting Started guide using Conda for the package installation and would like to use that same environment, you’ll need to uninstall the existing version of IDAES before you can install a different version using pip.

# Update an existing Conda environment & remove idaes-pse (Here named my-idaes-env, but this is up to you)
conda remove -n my-idaes-env idaes-pse
activate my-idaes-env

Installing IDAES#

  • To get a previous IDAES release, for example 2.0

    pip install idaes-pse==2.0
  • To get the latest version from the GitHub main branch

    pip install "idaes-pse @ git+"
  • To get a specific fork or branch, for example for branch mybranch of the fork belonging to myuser

    pip install "idaes-pse @ git+"
  • For IDAES Contributors: follow the advanced user installation.