idaes environment-info: Get information about the IDAES environment

idaes environment-info: Get information about the IDAES environment#

The idaes “environment-info” command return information about IDAES, Pyomo, dependencies, and solvers. This information is particularly useful for debugging.

This page lists the options for the idaes “environment-info” subcommand. This is invoked like:

idaes [general options] environment-info [subcommand options]

general options#

The following general options from the idaes base command affect the get-extensions subcommand. They should be placed before the “get-extensions” subcommand, on the command-line.

  • -v/–verbose

  • -q/–quiet

See idaes command for details.

idaes environment-info#

This subcommand gets the compiled solvers and libraries from a remote repository, and installs them locally.



Show the help message and exit.

--solver <Pyomo solver name>#

The environment-info command returns version for a set of known solvers. You can use the “–solver” option to specify additional solvers that are not part of the IDAES binary distribution. The solver option can be supplied multiple times to add multiple solvers.

--json <file path>#

Write output to the specified json file, instead of to the screen.