Miscellaneous Utility Methods

Miscellaneous Utility Methods#

Other Utility Methods#

This library also contains a number of other utility methods that do not fall under another category.

idaes.core.util.misc.add_object_reference(self, local_name, remote_object)[source]#

Method to create a reference in the local model to a remote Pyomo object. This method should only be used where Pyomo Reference objects are not suitable (such as for referencing scalar Pyomo objects where the None index is undesirable).

  • local_name – name to use for local reference (str)

  • remote_object – object to make a reference to




General method that returns a rule to extract data from a python dictionary. This method allows the param block to have a database for a parameter but extract a subset of this data to initialize a Pyomo param object.

idaes.core.util.misc.set_param_from_config(b, param, config=None, index=None)[source]#

Utility method to set parameter value from a config block. This allows for converting units if required. This method directly sets the value of the parameter.

This method supports three forms for defining the parameter value:

1. a 2-tuple of the form (value, units) where units are the units that the value are defined in 2. a float where the float is assumed to be the value of the parameter value in the base units of the property package 3. a Python Class which has a get_parameter_value method which will return a 2-tuple of (value, units) based on a lookup of the parameter name

  • defined (b - block on which parameter and config block are) –

  • arg (param - name of parameter as str. Used to find param and config) –

  • object (units - units of param) –

  • - (index) – unset, assumes b.config.

  • - – property may have multiple parameters associated with it.