Flue Gas Property Package

Flue Gas Property Package#

A flue gas property package has been developed to provide properties of combustion gases and air. The ideal gas property package includes the main components in flue gas: O2, N2, NO, CO2, H2O, SO2

Main parameters:

  • molecular weight in kg/kg-mol indexed by component list,

  • reference pressure & temperature in Pa and Kelvin,

  • critical pressure and temperature in Pa and Kelvin indexed by component list,

  • gas constant in J/(mol K),

  • constants for specific heat capacity in J/(mol K) indexed by component list and parameter A to H,

  • vapor pressure coefficients (Antoine Eq.) P in Bar and T in K indexed by component list and parameters A to C,

Source: NIST webbook (last update: 01/08/2020)

The main methods supported are:

  • heat capacity in J/(mol K),

  • enthalpy in J/mol,

  • entropy in J/(mol K),

  • volumetric flowrate m3/s,

  • viscosity of mixture in kg/(m s),

  • thermal conductivity mixture in J / (m K s),

  • molar density m3/mol,

  • reduced pressure and temperature (unitless),